Creation of CRONY S Series Body Reshaping Undergarments  range 

Assist women that have troubled in shaping up their body

Form female body effectively without any side-effects on the body.

To give maximum comfort to the wearer

                 The nipples are 2X the length of the head down, from the top of your head.
                 The waist is right next to the elbows.
                  The hip is halfway the entire height.


Measuring Positioning And Proper Wearing Techniques

The Correct Measuring Techniques For Brassiere     

       The bra size utilises the base of the breasts as a standard measurement. The width of the chest must be taken into consideration when fitting both breasts in the cups. (The size of the cup refers to the entire suface are of the breast from the tip to the underside of the breast). For example, A70 refers to a capacity of an A cup and the numerical value of the center bottom part of the breast measuring 70 cm. When you take measurements, the legs should be closed and standing in an upright position. The body should be relaxed.


      Upper chest measurement: The shoulder bone at the back is the standard reference of measurement for the upper chest. Measure horizontally from the back, circling the chest on the nipple of both breasts. If the breasts are sagging, reposition the breast before you begin.


Lower chest measurement. Measure horizontally below the breasts.


    Bra Cup Size: Upper chest minus Lower chest measurement. The difference within 10 cm is at Cup A, around 12.5cm at Cup B, 15 cm at Cup C; 17.5 cm at Cup D and 20 cm at Cup E.

Pushing the Fats into the Brassiere    

1. Tilt forward to about 45 Degree

     With your body slightly bent forward, support your hand to the lower part of the breast. Push surrounding fats into the brassiere cups. By doing this, you have positioned your fats into concentrated areas to reveal a more alluring body shape.

2. Hook on to fit your body

     After you have put on the brassiere at the front, move on to the back and hook it up.


3. Adjust the lower strap

     Slant your body slightly and adjust your shoulder straps and fill your breasts in the cups by extending your chest. This is especially useful for women with big breasts.


4. Positioning the nipples

     By holding the edge of the cup, use the other hand to adjust the nipples to the center of the cup.


5. Arms & Shoulder movement to check for comfort

     When you move your hands and shoulders at ease while the lining below the cups are not, then you have managed to wear it properly. If the lining below the cups are out of shape, despite proper positioning, the cups may still move around. That is why it is important that you choose the right cup to start.


The Correct Measurement For Drawers         

    Measuring the waist: The size at the edge of drawer is the size of the waist. When doing measurements. Ask your customers to stand straight. The hands are bent upward with the elbows parallel to the waist.


Measuring the hips: The size of drawer is the measurement of the hips. When measuring, make sure that the tape takes the widest part of the hips


    When choosing drawer size, use your waist and hip measurement as a guide. For those with larger hips, you should choose the drawers’ size according to your hip measurements

Fat Repositioning and  Wearing Method for Drawers          


1. Front, Back Left, Right  - Proper Wearing Make adjustments to the front side and back, left and right. Pull up evenly at both legs until it reaches the thigh. Then use the same method for pantyhose wearing instructions. By tugging on one side, you will damage the contour of your drawers.


2. Step-by-step wearingYou must be patient to make sure that the contour of the drawers fit snugly and the buttock areas fill into the curves properly.


3.Adjusting the buttocks and thighs

When wearing the drawers, place your hand into the underside to draw up your flesh from under the buttocks. For those with large thighs, pull up the excess flesh from the thighs toward the hips.


4.Ensure the ends are secure

For short drawers, open the edges and fit your body into the drawers before securing. It is important  to ensure that  your buttocks are in place. 5.Flatten your abdomen

Place your hands at your abdomen and push outwards to the sides.


6. Look behind in the mirror

When you are contouring your buttocks, make sure you feel comfortable and the drawers are not too loose or too tight.

The Correct Way to Measure a Girdle

The size of the girdle is according to the waistline. Get your customers to stand up while taking measurements.

For Repositioning and wearing method for girdle    

The girdle is effective to improve the waistline, shaping the abdomen area and contouring the body to avoid slouching. It is ideal to beautify the body and take care of your back at the same time. Move the girdle to the left and fasten the buckles from top to bottom.


2.The upper portion of the girdle must be affixed next to the bottom part of the brassiere cups. The central line of the girdle must be placed correctly in the middle.


3. Fasten the straps intersectionally from left and right. The straps should be pulled from the back to the abdominal area.


4. Control the space between the fastening gaps and ensure even spacing between the sides. Provide a space of about 3 cm apart.


5.When you have checked for fit, Fasten the hooks.