Q: How long does it take before you see results?


A: To push the fats back to their original position, regular use is advisable. You will see the difference in 2 weeks. In other cases, it will take about 2-3 months. 


Q: Why does Envy Lingerie come in only one colour?


A: By choosing flesh colour, it is easily matched with your outer wear. If other colours are introduced, It would be a hassle for the dealers to stock extra units.


Q: Why doesnt Lafenie Envy Lingerie have a body suit?


A: Body suit lingerie are not able to shape the body. When we move around, the body suit cannot keep in place to shape the abdominal, chest and back areas. Hence the body suit cannot contour and can only be regarded as a pleasure lingerie. 


Q: Why aren’t strapless bras included with Envy Brassiere’s range?


A: The main purpose of the straps are to support the breasts. Strapless bras will cause the breasts to sag. 


Q: What is the difference between wearing the long and short drawers?


A: As our body age, gravity causes  it to sag. It is advised that the long drawers are used on a long term basis. This prevents the fats at the buttocks and thighs from relocating. As the short drawer can only contour the buttock and abdominal area, It is not effective on the thighs. However it is recommended for use during menstruation as it is convenient and keeps the buttocks in place.


Q: Would it be more effective to choose a smaller size?


A: A smaller lingerie will push the fats away and causes the body to go out of shape. It is important to be properly measured for lingerie size to fit the body. 


Q: Would it affect the growth of adolescents if they use it?


A: The fabric used in Lafenie Lingerie Provides maximum elasticity with minimum pressure. It will not hinder the development in young girls. In fact, it prevents the fats from growing sideways to encourage a more shapely figure. However remember to change the lingerie as you grow. 


Q: Is it safe for pregnant women to use lingerie?


A: You may use the short Envy Lingerie Brassiere to keep swollen breasts in shape, but you should also change the lingerie size according to the swelling of your breasts. 


Q: Can a  woman start to use Lingerie soon after childbirth?


A: With a natural childbirth, you can start using when the discharge stops. If you have a caesarian, use after six months of the operation. The brassiere can be used immediately after delivery, but make sure you use the correct size. 


Q: Would the lingerie go out of shape after washing?


A: Materials designed by Lafenie Contour Programme are made using multiple layers of elastics; knitted closely in order to retain its shape after washing. However, do take note of washing instructions. 


Q: What’s the difference between Envy Lingerie’s ‘Oxygen Yarn’ and other conventional lingerie?


A: Normal lingerie is made of single layered nylon knit which look rough. This material is usually hard, air-tight and causes discomfort during use. Envy Lingerie’s ‘Oxygen yarn’ is made according to the principle of the leaf. Having multiple layers of knitted material, the surface remains smooth as silk for a gentle touch. It also absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe. 


Q: Is it true that the Lingerie keeps us in shape only when it is worn?


A: The principle of wearing lingerie is like wearing a ring on our finger, When it is put on, When it is put on, we do not feel the pressure, but when it isremoved, the indent is seen on the finger. It is the same with Envy Lingerie. You will experience on improved body shape with regular use. 


Q:  By using the Envy Lingerie, is it possible for the bra cup to change from size A to C?


A: Fats will normally shift and breasts will change its shape due to gravity and incorrect lingerie. When you use the Envy Lingerie over a period of time, you will be able to relocate the fats back to its proper position, which in turn will change the size and shape of the brassiere cups accordingly. 


Q: Is there any discomfort when using Envy Lingerie?


A: The unique feature about Envy Lingerie is that it improves your body without pressure. It is specially designed for the  body shape of women, taking into consideration the contour areas where fats are to be relocated. As it does not suppress the cells and bones, it will feel comfortable. 


Q: What is sectional elasticity?


A: This means that the some piece of lingerie contains more elasticity where fats are located at a certain area or where support is needed. 
For example, the long brassiere has more elasticity at the abdominal area and the long drawers is more elastic at the buttocks area and less at the thigh area. 


Q: How many inches will we lose at the waistline when we use Lafenie Envy Girdle?


A: With proper use, the waist will reduce about 3-6 cm. If used over a long period of time, it will help to tone the muscles at the waist and push the fats to the chest and buttocks. The result is a more voluptuous chest area and emphasis on the buttocks. 


Q: Does a woman with a beautiful body still have to use Envy Lingerie?


A: Our cells age rapidly as we do. Our muscles get flabby as a result of gravity. Therefore, even a beautifully contoured woman should use Lafenie Envy Lingerie to retain her beautiful shape. 


Q: What is ‘dual-direction’ spandex knitting method?


A: The Lafenie Envy Lingerie uses versatile elastic spandex for left, right, up or down movement. It follows the area of fat tissue and thus, spandex is able contour our body evenly. 


Q: After the body shape is measured, will we get a right fit?


A: After measurements are taken, do try on the lingerie to get the correct piece. The degree of flab is different in each individual and it is only through trying on the lingerie that we can determine the correct size.