About Us

About Us

Biogreeno Health Primo India Pvt Ltd offers innovative skincare and Health & Beauty care Products.intends to deliver high quality of products at no compromise.In concern to wellness of all mankind offering healthcare products and improvising lifestyle of modern society with our beauty care products - CRONY LINGERIES offering natural and better crony products as intimate lingerie to a women.

Crony Lingerie is safe & effective weight loss solution to help people for a healthy life and slimmer body and beautiful skin.Crony provides total support for weight loss,then enhance and maintain slim and beautiful body throughout life time.


Business Transactions do not only merely involved customers and company.We belive that terms of business transaction is to share - natural organic and non polluted that can help physical and mental behavior with the brand slogan of " Your Most intimate friend"

We sincerely towords customers and thing around us in the earth, all regarded as close friend always share the best of everthing.

CRONY’s aesthetic concept: Simple nature define as beautiful. Best food is presented in the most simple way and show the original flavor, without complicated cooking, decorating, but satisfy the taste buds; a favorite music, enjoy by closing your eyes to listen, but calm the mind too. Hence, effectiveness,reasonable price,and convenient consumption is the product concept of every products.

Do not pollute the body same as do not pollute the environment. We use plant essence to produce quality products. We also not using any raw materials that origins from animal that destruct the nature to minimize the risk of animal diseases infection. On top of that, we do not use chemicals that harm human body
and pollute the environment. Every product concerns on our environment,repect the natural and treasured global resource is our utmost envirnmental action.

CRONY concerns on global warming, green consumption and other environmental issues. With the aim of protect nature, reduce the consumption of the Earth's resources and promote sustainability health of human’s by natural healing ability, CRONY head quarters was established in Gold Coast, Australia. We hope to make the Earth a better place and look forward for your participation.

The launch of CRONY brand. CRONY emphasize on the concept of "derived from plants, safe and effective". Consumer can enjoy effective result and enjoyment as good as top facial salon. CRONY launched professional aesthetic consultation service and the first generation of AA series.